Potty Buckets

Potty Buckets

Spardot tells me that they have these weird potty buckets at the campground she and Kirtaner visited this week. It is essentially a bucket with a toilet seat on top lined with a trash bag. I think this is actually a really good idea. Perhaps it is time that we, as a species, move backwards in toilet technology. Think of all the problems that toilets cause! Not only do they waste water, but the high seat toilets that are so fashionable in the western world actually cause more straining than is necessary. They push your sigmoid colon all out of whack so that gravity can’t do its job. Think of your sigmoid colon, people. Think of the environment. THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Poop in a bucket.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to poop in a bucket. Now, thanks to this regression in poop technology, I can.

  2. These are called lug-a-loos, they’re often used for base camps when doing 1 week or longer expos. Also, they completely destroy your ass circulation.

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