Ban Appeal – Be a good R-Truth!

Ban Appeal – Be a good R-Truth!

The accused: TacosEverywhere

The crime: Banned for dealing/contact info, but claimed that he shares an IP with entire apartment complex. I was inclined to ignore the request, but brave soul Jericho actually called the guy’s apartment complex and confirmed that they have communal wifi. That’s commitment.

The task: Write an R-Truth style conspiracy theory rant about how 420chan is keeping him down.

*Music Plays*  Whats up!? Whats Up!? Whats Up!?

“Yo Yo Yo, Kill the music! For the past 4 Weeks,*mods chant What?* Ive come home from school and all I want to do is get on /wooo/ *mods chant What?* And low and behold, I come home today and LITTLE JIMMY! Found a way to ruin that! *mods chant What?* STOP WHAT?ing ME! *mods boo*

Little Jimmy is out to get me, I KNOW IT! I bit my tongue this past Saturday, when UNT was destroyed by Houston. *nigsky yells YOU SUCK* SHUT UP! *more boos* UNT was doin’ rill good da first half, so good EVEN I STARTED TO BELIEVE! But lo and behold LITTLE JIMMY! Had to mess thangs up.

Then the next day, oh lawd…..Everyones Favorite Holiday….Siptember the elevenf! Muh boys the cowboys were gonna beat the jets*crowd chants What?* I SAID SHUT UP! Muh boys were gonna knock the jets down like the jets knocked down the towers and LOW AND BEHOLD! LITTLE JIMMY made Tony Romo FUMBLE DA BALL! NO! NO! NO! Little Jimmy DONE RIGGED THE GAME AGAIN! You see 9/11 was a conspiracy! Just like The UNT game and the Cowboys game, just like hurricane Katrina and just like me getting banned! *mods chant TL;DR*

No, you gon’ listen to me! You need to open your eyes! I am tired of not being heard, its bad enough the one month where people care about what I have to so is only 28 days! Now you gon’ listen to me! *nigksy chants stfu*

Now WAIT A DOG GONE MINUTE!, all these other mods and users seem to believe my story, EXCEPT YOU! Well, Well, Well……Looks like we found little Jimmy! Looks like we found the master of all the conspiracy’s from the moon landing to how rick perry might actually win the election, I SEE YOU LITTLE JIMMY! You not gon’ hold me down forever! I will rise up, and if you don’t like that you can step foot in this ring, and ill show that I did not try to sell drugs on the boards……AND THAT’S THE TRUTH!……..and the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!

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